YETI Rambler Colster Beer Insulator: Our Impression

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After purchasing nearly every product YETI makes, we thought we would give some of the often overlooked products some love. The YETI Rambler Colster has been something that I wanted to test out for a while now but never brought myself to purchase one as I (admittedly) am not the biggest of beer drinkers... That being said, the time came and we couldn't hold out any longer. Although it's not a "new" product by any means, we wanted to see first hand what it was all we did!


Before you get too far into this review, you are probably going to want to take note of one very important thing. This cozy is very selective on which sized can and bottles it will hold. If you tend to be a 12oz Budweiser purist then you are good to go. Unfortunately, if not, you may have mixed results.

In fact, of all the beer in our refrigerator only about half of them fit in this cozy.

I am happy to report, however, that Modelo Glass bottles do fit in the YETI Rambler Colster. Its snug, like squeezing into pants you haven't worn in a few years, but baby - it fits!

What's In The Box!

Just kidding - There is no box, and we're glad about that. These Beer Insulating Colsters are served "al la cart" and only include the essentials. Each Rambler Colster comes with a hollow, beer-can-shaped container which has your product registration code (redeemable for a can opener or sticker pack) the "collectible" can container, and a sticker! Simple, easy, and less to throw in the rubbish bin. Thanks YETI!



Gone are the days of Stainless Steel only YETI products. While they have certainly not gone overboard and started pushing out every color under the sun, YETI has done a great job perfectly curating a custom color library that ensures you stay cool and classy at all events - even if its drinking beer by the pool.

Although I have seen more Limited Edition colors occasionally offered, if you choose to purchase this from right now you have the option to choose from Brick Red, Black, White, Navy Blue, Seafoam, and of course Stainless Steel.

Alternatively, if you purchase through there are far more options including Olive Green, Sky Blue, Tahoe Blue, and even Charcoal. See Amazons current color options HERE.


I feel like I say this a lot... but it's a YETI. The quality of the double walled stainless is exactly what you would expect. Its very well constructed and the rubber gasket on the plastic screw on lid seems to have been constructed by Zeus himself.

Seriously - You can't ask for a better constructed cozy and best yet, it's completely dishwasher safe.

For those of you interested in the exact size and weight, this Rambler Colster weights in at 8.7oz according to the YETI website and measures 4. 7/8" x 3. 1/8".


Whew, this one is debatable. As the slowest beer drinker in my cohort, you would think that I, above all others, would notice such a dramatic difference in beer temperature. Unfortunately, I still drink these things too fast to really see how much of a difference this cozy makes so here is what I did. I slowed it down a bit.

After taking my time to suck down my beer I can honestly say that it does keep your beer colder and for longer however I just can't seem to deem it necessary in the first place. With that in mind, I took some notes on some other performance results that we either liked or disliked and feel that those may be more important to share.


Solid Contact - Once the can is locked and loaded, it's not going anywhere. Seriously, I was genuinely amazed at how firm the bottle or can is mounted into the Colster. There is absolutely no wiggling of any kind what-so-ever.

No Sweat - These days, I drink exclusively from doubled walled stainless steel cups and mugs and not because I need my drinks to stay cold all day. I do it mainly because I hate plastic AND because I had when cups sweat. I don't want condensation all over my furniture, tool bench, or in my truck and I am happy to say that this Colster puts an end to cold and wet hands while enjoying your beer.

Ice Cold - 12oz cans go fast and we don't expect that you're going to notice a big difference, but this cozy does work and will keep your beer colder, longer - Nuff' said.

Useful - On at least one occasion, we were short a bowl and needed to make breakfast. No worries, the Colster held our oatmeal admirably and kept it piping hot even in freezing cold weather.

Not So Groovy

Biggin’ - So you have your Colster in your hand and decide you want to put it in the cup holder to better operate heavy machinery. Whelp, that's not going to work. The YETI Rambler Colster is not small and when in use, it renders nearly all cup holsters useless.

Little Finger - Got little hands or misshaped hands? The size of the Colster ensures you your beer will spend more time in your hands and less in your cup holder. No biggie I suppose, but if you find yourself having unusually delicate hands, you may not enjoy toting such a "large and in charge" cozy.

Drink Up - This may sound silly, but I think I drink more when I use this Colster. It adds just enough weight to trick you into thinking you have a nearly full beer every sip which results in bigger sips. Results may vary, but you may need to buy more beer!

Fewer Options - Because you are limited to standard 12oz cans and bottles, you are quickly going to find out that some of your favorites do not want to cooperate with your Colster. Say good-bye to your tall-boys.

Price & Availability

With an MSRP of 24.99, this Stainless Steel Beer Insulator is one of the most affordable YETI products on the market and also at a perfect price point for a great gift. That being said, this thing is $24.99! It will certainly be the most expensive Beer Insulator you have ever purchased but we are confident it will be the highest quality cozy you have ever purchased. In our opinion, its expensive enough that you won't want to misplace it, or drop it in the water on accident, but its still affordable.

As far as availability is concerned, you can find these things nearly everywhere. Need to grab one in a hurry? Check your local REI, West Marine, or even Academy Sports. Like all YETI products, you won't see them go on sale often but your best shot is checking online first. We suggest checking as they have the most color options available and if Amazon is anything... it's convenient.

Check the latest prices on Amazon HERE.


Unlike most write-ups, where I usually say that YETI creates a bomb proof product and we have never had an issue nor do we expect you to, I will admit that I do worry about how well this rubber seal on the lid will hold. It fits VERY snug and I am concerned that it may not hold up well over time. So far we have had absolutely no issues with it and don't expect it to fail based on YETI's track record, but it does seem like it would be the first thing to go.

These Colsters come with a standard 3-year warranty that you probably already expected and assuming you took advantage of the free gifts when you register your product, you should have no trouble sending it off if (god forbid) you ever run into any issues. Despite having all of the YETI gear that we do, we have yet to need to warranty a single item so we really wouldn't worry too much.

My Take

Should You Buy It? That depends...

Personally, I would not buy this for myself for multiple reasons. I am not a huge beer drinker, to begin with, and when I do drink a beer, I drink it too fast to justify the added insulation. I do love that the Colster has a no-sweat design but do not like that I have to give up using cup holders which leads me to my next point...

It's situational...

Buying this as a gift for someone? Sure! It’s a great gift, and it's nice to not worry about cold hands or wet tables but the insulation properties are probably a little overblown. In fact, while out testing these out camping we had several fellow campers we talked to who openly thought these Colsters were gimmicky. That is until we mention possibly giving them one for free and let me tell you, they changed their tune real quick...

I think the most useful time I found to have this Colster is when I am washing the boat after a day on the water and trying to get dinner prepared. I can open a can of beer, load it into my Colster, and forget about it. I can sneak a sip in between tasks while running around the house without the worry of my beer going cold and best yet, I can set it down anywhere and not need to rely on a cup holder. Rest assured, forgotten sips will not go hot!

Honestly, I wouldn't call this product a staple as some others have. It's not the most useful, and that's okay! Being routinely classified as a YETI fanboy, it's probably a good thing that I have one or two products that I don't think the world of and this is definitely one of them. It is not a bad product, it's just not needed by everyone.

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