Our Mission

Here at Expedition Recreation, we understand that sometimes a long week of work can leave you exhausted and finding yourself without exciting plans for the weekend. Don't worry, we understand, and we are here to help. It is our mission to not only provide you with excellent recommendations to optimize your free time but also to provide you with the necessary gear guides, reviews, and packing lists necessary to tackle even the most outlandish adventures.

   We didn't want to simply stop there. In addition to gear guides and reviews, our team has carefully put together introductory posts that aim to introduce the reader to all sorts of leisure activities such as Hiking, Biking, Diving, and Surfing (find more in the "Adventure" Tab)!  

   For those of you lucky enough to call Northeast Florida Home like us, we have also included a "Local" tab which will highlight and review some of the best and worst things to do in our area! 

   Whether it's a weekend trip to Disney World or an international trip to rice fields in Bali, we have got you covered.

   It is our mission here at Expedition Recreation to work hard so that we can inspire others to do more, see more, and be more! 

We are excited you are here and can't wait to share it with you!

- The Expedition Recreation Team


Meet The Team

Zack Scuba Diving

Zachary Ponder | Explorer

Serving as the resident "square peg," Zack is on a mission to experience everything the world has to offer. After becoming a PADI Divemaster and graduating with a degree in Marine Conservation from Oregon State University, he worked as a Marine Mammal Trainer, Naturalist, and a Team Leader with Rustic Pathways in Australia. With his catchphrase being "I'll try anything once" it's not hard to imagine that, above all else, he is a relentless adventure seeker with an affinity for water. 

Barry Waiting on The Train in Vietnam

Barry Ponder | Comfort Guru

As an Air Traffic Controller for more than 30+ years, Barry  knows comfort. Despite finding optimum comfort in his desk chair, Barry has found his way across the world hiking the Salkantay Trail in Peru and temple hopping in Cambodia and Vietnam. While he loves getting "down and dirty" Barry has every intention of utilizing only the most comfortable gear on the market.   

Nick Gearing Up at Circuit of The Americas In His Porsche Cup Car, Texas.

Nick Ponder | Extravagance Expert

Refined, sophisticated, and smooth. Nick has aged like fine wine and has a taste for the high-life. With an obsession for power sports both on and off the water, you can find Nick frequenting the race track, motocross track, or the lake. Interested in a new supercar, Rolex, or supercharged towboat? Nick either had it or will have it. You’ve got questions, he has got answers... 

Levi Holding Beautiful Red Drum in Hobie

LEVI Welling | Gear Expert

Specializing in underwater basket weaving, Levi is a recreation superstar. He is a Florida Master Naturalist, ACA Kayak Instructor, an SUP Instructor and is currently working full time managing a Nature Center in North East Florida. When not working, you will find Levi on the water fishing, kayaking, birding, and paddle boarding rain or shine.  Levi is a self-proclaimed expert, and between you and me - he is addicted.